Handling Medical Malpractice Representation For South Florida

Representing Both Claimants And Uninsured Medical Professionals With Medical Malpractice Matters

Whether it involves an aging loved one, a newborn baby, a husband or a wife, medical injuries are never easy to handle. Regardless of which side of the lawsuit you are on, hiring the right legal team to assist is extremely vital.

There is a strict window of time in which to file such a suit. In Florida, a lawsuit must be filed against a health care entity within 2 years of when the injury occurred or should have been discovered.

Handling Many Types Of Claims

At Sutton Law Group, P.A., our Miami attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience handling a wide variety of medical negligence matters in both state and federal courts involving:

  • Diagnostic mistakes: These often include situations where a physician incorrectly diagnoses a condition or fails to diagnose a condition in a timely manner, resulting in a delay in the appropriate treatment causing further, unnecessary injury and even death to patients.
  • Surgical errors: With these situations, a surgeon may accidentally operate on the wrong body part, mistakenly leave an instrument or tool inside a patient's body, or even fail to utilize appropriate sanitary practices that can result in a dangerous infection.
  • Anesthesia errors: The administration of an incorrect dose of an anesthetic drug, failing to properly monitor a patient post injection, or failing to recognize an interaction with another medication a patient is taking are all potential types of anesthesia errors.
  • Medication mix-ups: Failing to give the correct medication to a patient or the appropriate dosage are medication mix ups that can lead to a wide range of health complications.

Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

Our leading attorney, John Sutton, has litigated cases all throughout the state of Florida as well as California, New York, Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, and Puerto Rico.

He has also been a board-certified civil trial Lawyer for 35 consecutive years and among the small percentage of attorneys in Florida who possesses such certification.

Along with John's personal experience, intricate knowledge of the laws and procedures pertaining to medical malpractice cases, our attorneys are confident we can handle your case.

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