Helping South Miami Obtain Compensation For Electrical Contact Injuries

Handling Catastrophic Workers' Compensation Cases Involving Third-Party Liability

There's a high degree of danger for individuals working on job sites and real estate development projects involving a lot of construction. Heavy machinery and dangerous electrical equipment are being used constantly. In some instances, safety protocols are not followed, corners get cut, and people get injured.

Fortunately, workers' compensation benefits are available to provide monetary relief for many injured workers. But, there are other legal avenues available. A third party could also be responsible, particularly when hazardous equipment or materials are involved.

Choosing Sutton Law Group, P.A. To Handle Your Case

With over 40 years of combined practical experience, our attorneys have handled construction site injury cases in state and federal courts all throughout Florida and the entire nation.

Our founding attorney, John R. Sutton has been a board-certified civil trial attorney for 35 years—a distinguished award obtained by very few lawyers in the state of Florida.

A Specific Case Handled By Sutton Law Group, P.A.

In one such instance, our firm represented a concrete finish construction worker in Miami who sustained severe injuries after coming into contact with an adjacent power line while working on a parking garage. Multiple arm amputations were needed as a result of the contact with high-voltage electricity. Our leading attorney, John R. Sutton, uncovered electrical code violations, received a finding of liability and recovered substantial compensation for the injured worker.

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